Cents Connect, Bring Your Machines To Life

Cents, the leading venture-backed technology company revolutionizing the way laundromats and dry cleaners grow, manage, and understand their business, has launched Cents Connect, a suite of hardware products that creates the most affordable, accessible, and fully-integrated payments solution. These three new hardware devices seamlessly communicate with Cents’ software to create the most integrated laundry business experience in the industry.  Cents Connect enables any laundry business owner to track all forms of revenue (self-serve, full-service, PUD, commercial, etc.), as well as their machine insights and utilization. For the first time, operators are now empowered to view and manage every aspect of … Continue reading Cents Connect, Bring Your Machines To Life

Grow With The CleanCloud App

Searching for more ways to grow your laundry and dry-cleaning business? If so, why not use the CleanCloud App? It’s an all-in-one POS app that’s also compatible with Mac and Android.  With this software you can eliminate your outdated point of sale software because the CleanCloud App offers all the features that you’ve been wanting right from a web-based platform.  Multi-Function Software  With the CleanCloud App you can finally run your laundry business more efficiently because it offers everything that you need right from one software platform including:  Besides offering all the tools that you’ve been searching for, CleanCloud also … Continue reading Grow With The CleanCloud App

How POS Can Help Grow Your Dry Cleaning or Laundromat Business?

Growth is the one thing that every laundry business owner is thinking about because of one simple reason, if a business isn’t growing, it’s dying.  One way to grow any dry cleaning or laundromat business is by installing a POS system because a point-of-sale system gives your customers a place to pay for their transactions and it can either be a traditional cash register, online checkout option or mobile app.  Efficient And Convenient  Yes, a point-of-sale system will be an ideal asset for your business because it’s a solution that offers your customers multiple ways to pay, so regardless of … Continue reading How POS Can Help Grow Your Dry Cleaning or Laundromat Business?

Why Switch To An EMV Card Reader? from Nayax

Fraud is on the rise nationwide, especially at unattended laundromats because criminals know that laundromats are often easy targets for quick cash.  Thankfully, one solution to stop fraud in your laundromat is an EMV card reader because it will enable your customers to pay with their cards, without having to use cash or coin.  Safe And Convenient  Once you install an EMV card reader on the machines in your laundromat you’ll never be reliant on cash or coin payments again because your customers can either tap, swipe, or insert their card into the reader to complete their payment transaction.   With … Continue reading Why Switch To An EMV Card Reader? from Nayax

Should You Charge To Access Your Laundromat Wi-Fi?

Internet use is something that has become a necessity in today’s world because people use the internet for everything, especially at laundromats, where it’s not uncommon for students to do their homework, parents to complete work tasks, or to video chat with family members.  The big question is should you change your laundromat customers to use your laundromat Wi-Fi? In this article we will answer this question and offer your insight into if you should charge for Wi-Fi or not.  When charging for Wi-Fi Makes Sense  Charging for Wi-Fi makes sense, especially if your laundromat gets a lot of foot … Continue reading Should You Charge To Access Your Laundromat Wi-Fi?

Cleantie and Paystri Enter Integrated Payments Partnership

Cleantie, an independent software vendor (ISV) that serves the laundry and drycleaning industries, has announced an integration with Paystri. About the Partnership – Cleantie, a leading provider of technology for the dry cleaning, laundromat, clothes alteration, and shoe repair industry, is now partnering with Paystri for integrated payments. The partnership enables Cleantie’s clients to accept customer payments seamlessly and at an affordable price. Dry cleaning, laundry, and alteration businesses use Cleantie Software to run, manage, report, and grow. The Cleantie Platform offers Cleantie POS App which is fast with an intuitive design for modern large or small businesses. They also … Continue reading Cleantie and Paystri Enter Integrated Payments Partnership

KioSoft Technologies, Payment Integrations for Unattended Laundry Businesses 

Are you ready to convert your washer and dryers so that they accept more than cash or coins? If so, KioSoft Technologies Laundry Soloutions can help!  Based in Boynton Beah, FL, KioSoft Technologies has been a leader in the payment industry since 2002 and they’ve been helping laundry businesses nationwide accept unattended payments since 2013.  Offer Your Customers Multiple Ways to Pay  Every laundry business needs to accept more than cash or coin because most people want to have multiple ways to pay.  KioSoft Technologies makes converting washers and dryers to unattended payments easy, and they also have the most … Continue reading KioSoft Technologies, Payment Integrations for Unattended Laundry Businesses 

Introducing PayStation 

Searching for an easy and convenient way for your customers to pay? If so, why not consider PayStation, an easy-to-use Kiosk, made by PayRange that makes it possible for consumers to pay from the kiosk if there are laundry machines nearby that have been enabled with PayRange BluKey.  PayStation makes it easy for your customers to pay! All it requires is an internet connection to function so that your laundry customer can easily pay for their load of laundry with their credit, debit cards, or favorite payment platform of choice.  Easy To Install  Like all PayRange devices, PayStation is easy … Continue reading Introducing PayStation 

Happy Bubbles Tripled Revenue with Cents 

With 60 washers and 32 dryers in their business, Happy Bubbles specializes in wash-dry-fold, pickup, and delivery, like most self-serve laundromats in the United States.  The problem is that like most laundry businesses, they were still managing their business by hand, writing everything down and that can grow burdensome, especially for an employee run business.  Thanks to Cents, an integrated POS platform that’s designed for laundry businesses, the company has been able to triple their laundry revenue, streamline employee operations, and improve the customer experience while also boosting pickups and delivery revenue.  Easy To Learn Platform  Unlike some POS platforms … Continue reading Happy Bubbles Tripled Revenue with Cents 

SpyderWash Laundry Payment System

Historically Laundromats utilized coin-operated washers and dryers as the only form of payment. However, today modern laundromats offer numerous payment options depending on your preferences and the current market trends. As technology evolves, consumers are starting to trend toward adding more convenient and secure electronic payment methods.  SpyderWash provides laundromats with a comprehensive laundry payment system that accepts all primary payment methods, offering a simple, easy-to-use solution for you and your customers.  What Is SpyderWash, and What Payment Options Does It Accept? SpyderWash can be utilized as a card-only laundry payment system or a hybrid laundry payment system that allows you to offer customers their … Continue reading SpyderWash Laundry Payment System