How POS Can Help Grow Your Dry Cleaning or Laundromat Business?

Growth is the one thing that every laundry business owner is thinking about because of one simple reason, if a business isn’t growing, it’s dying. 

One way to grow any dry cleaning or laundromat business is by installing a POS system because a point-of-sale system gives your customers a place to pay for their transactions and it can either be a traditional cash register, online checkout option or mobile app. 

Efficient And Convenient 

Yes, a point-of-sale system will be an ideal asset for your business because it’s a solution that offers your customers multiple ways to pay, so regardless of if the customer wants to pay with cash, coin, card, or a digital payment, you could make that sale without the customer walking away dissatisfied. 

Process Transactions Quickly 

In the laundry business time is of the essence and having a POS system helps operators to keep the flow of customers moving efficiently because one customer won’t get stuck trying to pay for their laundry with one payment method since they will have more than one payment option.  

Capture More Customer Data 

Another important benefit that comes with having a POS system is you will be able to capture more of your customers data and know how your customers are paying for their loads of laundry.  

This is a huge benefit because having more customer data at your fingertips means that understanding your customers payment habits will make it easier for you to grow your business. 

Safe And Secure 

Last of all, but most important, having a POS system in your business is also a safe and secure way for your customers to pay because today’s systems have built in fraud protection so that their transactions will be protected. 

You will also have more peace of mind in your laundry business as well because you won’t have to worry about your business attracting criminals since you will have less cash on hand and there will be fewer customers on site that are paying with just cash or coin. 

Source: CleanCloud

By Jeremy Raglin, Content Writer

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