Commercial Laundry Connectivity Trends

Commercial laundry is an industry that has traditionally relied on manual labor and basic technology to get the job done. However, with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), this industry is poised for significant transformation. IoT technology allows for remote monitoring, real-time data analysis, and predictive maintenance, all of which can help commercial laundry businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. Explore some of the top IoT connectivity trends in commercial laundry for the year 2023. IoT connectivity is poised to transform the commercial laundry industry in 2023 and beyond. By adopting smart machines, predictive … Continue reading Commercial Laundry Connectivity Trends

Grow Your Wash and Fold Business with Curbside Laundries Software 

Are you searching for solutions that you can use to grow your wash and fold laundry business? If so, Curbside Laundries can help.  Their POS software was designed by laundry business owners, for laundry business owners. It contains everything you need to simplify your wash and fold operations while you build a business that generates a great return on investment.  Designed With Your Wash and Fold Business in Mind  Unlike some software platforms that must fit certain business models, the Curbside Laundries Software platform was designed with laundry businesses in mind.  This easy-to-use software platform is a complete point of … Continue reading Grow Your Wash and Fold Business with Curbside Laundries Software 

Get To Know The Laundry Boss

The Laundry Boss (TLB) is an innovative leader in laundromat payment processing and automation. TLB understands the unique challenges that laundry businesses face in today’s competitive market. That’s why they provide innovative technology solutions to help streamline operations, optimize profitability, and improve customer satisfaction. They offer a range of products and services, including Laundry App Laundry Management Software, and Laundry Payment systems, all designed to meet the specific needs of laundry businesses of all sizes.  The Laundry POS Software is user-friendly and intuitive, offering a streamlined checkout process, automated inventory management, and real-time reporting to help businesses make informed decisions. With our POS … Continue reading Get To Know The Laundry Boss

Save Time with Nayax

Nayax’s Management Suite provides operators and facility managers with the ability to easily upload an entire batch of cards to the server. Once these cards are in use, users can use their card or fob regularly. Nayax has also developed a unique feature that allows operators to create cards and upload them to the system when a user performs their first transaction. This reduces operational costs and initial prepaid card setup time. These efforts can be further streamlined with Digital Prepaid Cards that are offered in payment apps such as Monyx Wallet. With Monyx Wallet, consumers can top-up their credit or … Continue reading Save Time with Nayax

PayRange Welcomes Turns To Platform

PayRange welcomes Turns to the PayRange platform! Leveraging the Turns software through an exclusive partnership, PayRange will offer a turnkey, software solution that is the “Toast for laundromats and drycleaners”. Features include software to manage the growing Wash-Dry-Fold opportunity, pickup and delivery service, Point of Sale (PoS) system, mobile payment for machines, self-service payment kiosk, card readers, and more. This integrated platform aims to provide laundromat owners with a single, unified solution for all their operating needs, simplifying their operations and accounting, while improving customer experience and adding new revenue opportunities for our operators. For more information visit website at #mobilepayment #laundry Also see: Suppliers Directory, … Continue reading PayRange Welcomes Turns To Platform

Cents Connect, Bring Your Machines To Life

Cents, the leading venture-backed technology company revolutionizing the way laundromats and dry cleaners grow, manage, and understand their business, has launched Cents Connect, a suite of hardware products that creates the most affordable, accessible, and fully-integrated payments solution. These three new hardware devices seamlessly communicate with Cents’ software to create the most integrated laundry business experience in the industry.  Cents Connect enables any laundry business owner to track all forms of revenue (self-serve, full-service, PUD, commercial, etc.), as well as their machine insights and utilization. For the first time, operators are now empowered to view and manage every aspect of … Continue reading Cents Connect, Bring Your Machines To Life

Advantages of Dexter

Dexter’s C-Series controls deliver a more efficient operating cost, wider range of programing, 100 and  200 g-force extraction and the introduction of DexterLive to help you more profitably manage your laundry. Dexter has just released a new mobile app that allows secure mobile payment on all your Dexter equipment. The world is changing and your customers are looking for more payment options but these options are complicated and costly to you. Dexter Pay allows you to offer secure mobile payment in addition to traditional payment options, such as coins or cards. The DexterPay app is fully integrated with Dexter Live network which makes it FREE to set … Continue reading Advantages of Dexter

New AI Product For Laundromat Operators and Dry Cleaners

Turns is now connected with your personalize AI copilot for your laundromat or cleaners business. First task that this auto pilot would automate is to search for data and insights across the Turns eco-system. Currently they are an ever growing platform for laundromats and cleaners and as they go deeper and capture more workflows on the platform, they have a unique ability to provide terrific and key insights for our operators about all aspects of their laundromat or cleaners from running successful drop-offs, to success pickup and delivery and routes, to running marketing programs and loyalty programs. In the past few months of … Continue reading New AI Product For Laundromat Operators and Dry Cleaners

Cents Accelerate, A Valuable Marketing Tool

Cents, the leading venture-backed technology company revolutionizing the way laundromats and dry cleaners grow, manage, and understand their business, has launched its integrated marketing suite, Cents Accelerate, that gives Cents customers best-in-class website, email, and SMS marketing tools exclusively for laundry business owners. Proven to increase retention and store revenue, Cents Accelerate enables operators to build strong and long-lasting relationships with their customers. Cents Accelerate is fully integrated with all Cents products, allowing laundry business owners to create, execute, track, and maintain targeted and customizable marketing campaigns. With the addition of Accelerate, Cents provides a platform for owners and operators to … Continue reading Cents Accelerate, A Valuable Marketing Tool

Grow With The CleanCloud App

Searching for more ways to grow your laundry and dry-cleaning business? If so, why not use the CleanCloud App? It’s an all-in-one POS app that’s also compatible with Mac and Android.  With this software you can eliminate your outdated point of sale software because the CleanCloud App offers all the features that you’ve been wanting right from a web-based platform.  Multi-Function Software  With the CleanCloud App you can finally run your laundry business more efficiently because it offers everything that you need right from one software platform including:  Besides offering all the tools that you’ve been searching for, CleanCloud also … Continue reading Grow With The CleanCloud App