ShinPay Laundry Payment System, No WiFi Needed

ShinePay Offers Coin-operated Commercial Laundry Machines Integrated With Mobile Payments. Attract new customers to your laundromat with mobile payments! ShinePay’s scan to pay process is simple and intuitive for your customers. Payment info is securely stored on their phone making for a simple, elegant and fast process for vending. Cashless laundry systems are quickly becoming the gold standard—don’t get left behind. For more information visit website at, Call Today 510-822-6971, or email Also see: Suppliers Directory, Software, Transaction Processing Continue reading ShinPay Laundry Payment System, No WiFi Needed

Advantages of Dexter

Dexter’s C-Series controls deliver a more efficient operating cost, wider range of programing, 100 and  200 g-force extraction and the introduction of DexterLive to help you more profitably manage your laundry. Dexter has just released a new mobile app that allows secure mobile payment on all your Dexter equipment. The world is changing and your customers are looking for more payment options but these options are complicated and costly to you. Dexter Pay allows you to offer secure mobile payment in addition to traditional payment options, such as coins or cards. The DexterPay app is fully integrated with Dexter Live network which makes it FREE to set … Continue reading Advantages of Dexter

New AI Product For Laundromat Operators and Dry Cleaners

Turns is now connected with your personalize AI copilot for your laundromat or cleaners business. First task that this auto pilot would automate is to search for data and insights across the Turns eco-system. Currently they are an ever growing platform for laundromats and cleaners and as they go deeper and capture more workflows on the platform, they have a unique ability to provide terrific and key insights for our operators about all aspects of their laundromat or cleaners from running successful drop-offs, to success pickup and delivery and routes, to running marketing programs and loyalty programs. In the past few months of … Continue reading New AI Product For Laundromat Operators and Dry Cleaners

LG Announces Launch of Their Smart App In The Laundry Lounge

Recognizing that laundromats are in greater demand worldwide, LG recently launched their own smart app in conjunction with their ‘laundry lounge’, a streamlined laundromat that offers consumers clean/modern laundry machines to get their loads of laundry done.  Located In La Paz, Iloilo City (Philippines), the LG laundry app is another innovation by LG that offers machine reservations, cashless payments, and location services.  This means that residents of Iloilo City can easily check which machines are available, pay remotely, monitor wash cycles and so much more.  The Easy Way to Find Laundromats   With 2.65 million tourists visiting the country in 2022 … Continue reading LG Announces Launch of Their Smart App In The Laundry Lounge

Make It Easier for Customers to Pay With LaundryPay App

In 2023 more consumers than ever before want to pay for their purchases with their smart phones.  Sadly, some laundromats only accept cash or coins and that means that the laundromat is literally leaving money on the table, as customers who would pay from their phones will walk away.  Thankfully, LaundryPay makes accepting digital payments easy! To get started, all a consumer must do is download the mobile app from their phone’s app store, load funds, and pay from the app’s mobile wallet.  LaundryPay Makes Budgeting Easy  Consumers who are trying to budget for their weekly trip to the laundromat … Continue reading Make It Easier for Customers to Pay With LaundryPay App

10 Innovative Ideas To Help Your Laundry Business Stand Out

Laundromats and Laundry services are one of the few businesses that are yet to be completely snuffed out by the big boys of the industry and still is a fighting hope for the new and small business owners to live for. The success rate for laundromats stands at 90%+ and is a great way to make money and have a successful career. However, it is important to make sure that your laundromat stands out from the rest. Don’t fret, we are here with our list of 10 new age innovative ideas for Laundry and drycleaning and laundromat business to shine … Continue reading 10 Innovative Ideas To Help Your Laundry Business Stand Out