New AI Product For Laundromat Operators and Dry Cleaners

Turns is now connected with your personalize AI copilot for your laundromat or cleaners business. First task that this auto pilot would automate is to search for data and insights across the Turns eco-system.

Currently they are an ever growing platform for laundromats and cleaners and as they go deeper and capture more workflows on the platform, they have a unique ability to provide terrific and key insights for our operators about all aspects of their laundromat or cleaners from running successful drop-offs, to success pickup and delivery and routes, to running marketing programs and loyalty programs.

In the past few months of launching and growing Turns in US and working in the laundromat and cleaners is the amount of work they have to put in into reports to gather even key KPI and insights.

This is usually solved by existing systems with a ‘ laundry ‘ list of reports (some systems have up to 100 reports), although this does not solve the problem for the operator and is a mountain of work to shift through data and reports and excels and sheets.

Now you can just ask your co-pilot on Turns about the list customers who transacted over $50 and stay 3 miles away and it would return the list of customers automatically within 60 seconds (initial fine tuning would bring this down to non-criminal levels).

This currently would have required operators to go through a grueling data exercise for 30 odd minutes.

The co-pilot would be able to also serve questions in more than 70 different languages.

One of the key insights has been the need to build the system for attendants who would like to run the system in Spanish and even Korean in the US.

The company envisions multiple products built on AI connected and integrated within our vertical stack to serve 1000’s of operators built by Vishal Gupta and team. Also, they would extend the copilot across the system for your attendants and customers to make Turns the first vertically integrated tech partner.

With Turns, you can have peace of mind that you’re using software that’s specifically designed for laundry businesses, and this best-in-class software will also give you the ability to replace your other platforms and use just one program to manage your business. 

To learn more about Delaware based Turns, visit their website at or call (949) 290-6490, email