High-End Laundromat With Pet Food Vending Machine


After launching Liquid Laundry and Chewy Chews together, owners Massimo and Samantha Guida have eyes on an expansion across Australia.

This success story begins in mid-July 2021, the Guidas opened a 24/7, minimal contact, high-end Liquid Laundry laundromat after they bought the property on Austin Street.

Massimo, who owns Mussi Electrical, an electrical services company, originally intended for the building to be offered to commercial tenants. However, the couple decided to establish their own business after learning that the zone has been in need of laundry service catering to busy professionals living in Newstead.


  • Chewy Chews is Australia’s first pet food vending machine found at Liquid Laundry, a high-end laundromat in Newstead.
  • Liquid Laundry is owned by Massimo and Samantha Guida, who has plans to expand their business.
  • Chewy Chews vending machine is also found at the Merthyr Village Shopping Centre in New Farm.

The laundromat has specialized equipment and a comprehensive range of convenient solutions for multitaskers. The establishment also offers an electric vehicle charging station, a bike wash, and a dog wash so the locals can do many errands all at once at their facility.

While observing the nervous dogs getting their baths, Massimo thought to install a pet food vending machine so that the pups could get treats after they’ve cleaned up. The response was tremendous that they’ve also installed another vending machine at the Merthyr Village Shopping Centre in New Farm.

Samantha and Massimo Guida

Chewy Chews has over 32 kinds of dog treats without preservatives or additives at their vending machines or through their online shop for shipping across Australia. The premium meat cuts are air-dried to lock in the nutrients and flavors.

“Not only are we an online business, but we provide dog treats and toy vending machines across Australia so busy owners/parents will be able to easily access healthy treats for their loved ones 24/7.”

Meanwhile, Liquid Laundry will welcome Banh Mi Factory, the Vietnamese eatery, at their laundry hub on 28 July, so patrons may now also eat and drink as they wait for their clothes to wash and dry.

“Our Newstead store is literally a hole in the wall at the front of 10 Austin Street! We will be serving takeaways only,” the Banh Mi Factory announced on Facebook.

To learn more about these businesses, follow their Facebook pages: Liquid Laundry and Chewy Chews.

Call 1300 424 399, email customerservice@liquidlaundry.com.au, Visit Website.

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