PayRange Welcomes Turns To Platform

PayRange welcomes Turns to the PayRange platform! Leveraging the Turns software through an exclusive partnership, PayRange will offer a turnkey, software solution that is the “Toast for laundromats and drycleaners”. Features include software to manage the growing Wash-Dry-Fold opportunity, pickup and delivery service, Point of Sale (PoS) system, mobile payment for machines, self-service payment kiosk, card readers, and more. This integrated platform aims to provide laundromat owners with a single, unified solution for all their operating needs, simplifying their operations and accounting, while improving customer experience and adding new revenue opportunities for our operators. For more information visit website at #mobilepayment #laundry Also see: Suppliers Directory, … Continue reading PayRange Welcomes Turns To Platform

New AI Product For Laundromat Operators and Dry Cleaners

Turns is now connected with your personalize AI copilot for your laundromat or cleaners business. First task that this auto pilot would automate is to search for data and insights across the Turns eco-system. Currently they are an ever growing platform for laundromats and cleaners and as they go deeper and capture more workflows on the platform, they have a unique ability to provide terrific and key insights for our operators about all aspects of their laundromat or cleaners from running successful drop-offs, to success pickup and delivery and routes, to running marketing programs and loyalty programs. In the past few months of … Continue reading New AI Product For Laundromat Operators and Dry Cleaners