Jim Mitchell Launches Escargot, Phone Battery Rental Kiosks

Jim Mitchell, formerly of Company Kitchen, is entering a new tech space within the self-service kiosk industry: Phone Battery Rental Kiosks by Escargot. This is a rapidly growing technology with mass adoption overseas. These self-service kiosks solve a daily pain point faced by most Americans: keeping their smartphones charged. Similar to the Redbox DVD model, users can quickly rent a portable battery then return to any Escargot kiosk, only paying a small fee for that period of time.  Jim, CEO of Escargot, tells us, “We know this is the future of smartphone charging technology. Charging your phone with a cable and … Continue reading Jim Mitchell Launches Escargot, Phone Battery Rental Kiosks

How The California Drought Has Been Good for The Laundry Business 

If you have friends or family in California, you know the state has been in a mega drought for years that never seemed to end.  Thankfully, with a huge onslaught of rainstorms in recent months, California’s lakes and reservoirs are now full and with huge snowpack in the local mountains, it’s looking like California finally is going to have a year without drought.  Over the years that the state has been grappling with drought, the laundry business has quietly thrived behind the scenes because of one simple reason, California residents have been asked to conserve water at home, so they’ve … Continue reading How The California Drought Has Been Good for The Laundry Business 

Rinse Acquires Room Service Laundry NY

Rinse, the nation’s leading service for pickup and delivery of laundry and dry cleaning, announces the acquisition of Room Service Laundry, a boutique on-demand laundry service that operated in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Room Service Laundry is the latest in a series of acquisitions for Rinse, which included FlyCleaners in March of this year and ButlerBox in 2021. Founded in 2013 with the goal of removing friction from clothing care, Rinse offers a simple, consistent, high-quality solution to laundry and dry cleaning in New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. Metro Area, Chicago, and Boston. Rinse … Continue reading Rinse Acquires Room Service Laundry NY

Opening A New Laundromat?

Laundromats are more in demand in the 2020s than ever before, and they remain an ideal source of passive income because laundromats offer a service that everyone needs.  If you’ve never opened a laundromat location before, this article will offer tips on how to get started effectively.  How To Choose the Right Location  The location of your laundromat is by far the most important thing to take into consideration because you could easily waste thousands of dollars investing in a location that will never be in demand.  An ideal location for a laundromat will have the following:  What To Look … Continue reading Opening A New Laundromat?

Wash Weekly, Launching November 6

The laundry industry is constantly evolving, making it more important than ever for professionals like you to stay up-to-date to stay ahead. In an effort to help you, we are excited to announce the launch of Wash Weekly. Wash Weekly is a free, actionable online publication devoted to helping laundry industry professionals looking to increase their Lq (laundry quotient). Each week, our team will deliver valuable insights, strategies, and news straight to your inbox from industry experts, case studies, product reviews, and more. So whether you’re a business owner or just starting in the laundry industry. We hope you’ll take … Continue reading Wash Weekly, Launching November 6