KioSoft Launches AVU Touch 17

KioSoft is pleased to introduce the AVU Touch 17 Kiosk to its industry leading lineup of Add Value Stations for Laundry. The AVU Touch 17 is a rear loading, high security kiosk featuring a large, interactive 17″ touchscreen with a friendly and intuitive interface, USA and Canada. The “Touch 17” features a Smart Dispenser – offering customers an easy, one-step process for purchasing a Cloud Laundry Card (or multiple cards at once) and adding value to the card(s). The Smart Dispenser also provides increased capacity (350 cards), effectively reducing refill runs for technicians.  KioSoft is the clear market leader in laundry payment kiosks … Continue reading KioSoft Launches AVU Touch 17

Revolutionizing the Laundromat Industry with Turns + PayRange!

PayRange Inc. the leading provider of mobile payments for unattended retail, is excited to announce a landmark exclusive licensing agreement with Turnsapp Inc., an industry-leading laundromat and dry-cleaning software provider. This partnership will leverage Turn’s Laundromat and Dry Cleaning management and PoS payment offerings to enhance the PayRange payment solutions portfolio. Through this strategic partnership, PayRange will offer a turnkey, complete software solution for laundromats and dry cleaners including software to manage the growing Wash-Dry-Fold opportunity, pickup and delivery service, Point of Sale (PoS) system, mobile payment for machines, self-service payment kiosk, card readers, and more. This integrated platform aims … Continue reading Revolutionizing the Laundromat Industry with Turns + PayRange!

Get To Know The Laundry Boss

The Laundry Boss (TLB) is an innovative leader in laundromat payment processing and automation. TLB understands the unique challenges that laundry businesses face in today’s competitive market. That’s why they provide innovative technology solutions to help streamline operations, optimize profitability, and improve customer satisfaction. They offer a range of products and services, including Laundry App Laundry Management Software, and Laundry Payment systems, all designed to meet the specific needs of laundry businesses of all sizes.  The Laundry POS Software is user-friendly and intuitive, offering a streamlined checkout process, automated inventory management, and real-time reporting to help businesses make informed decisions. With our POS … Continue reading Get To Know The Laundry Boss

Save Time with Nayax

Nayax’s Management Suite provides operators and facility managers with the ability to easily upload an entire batch of cards to the server. Once these cards are in use, users can use their card or fob regularly. Nayax has also developed a unique feature that allows operators to create cards and upload them to the system when a user performs their first transaction. This reduces operational costs and initial prepaid card setup time. These efforts can be further streamlined with Digital Prepaid Cards that are offered in payment apps such as Monyx Wallet. With Monyx Wallet, consumers can top-up their credit or … Continue reading Save Time with Nayax

The Rise of Cashless Laundry Systems and Their Advantages

Nayax Cashless Laundry Systems are becoming more common because they are more convenient for customers and are also easier to manage. With a reloadable cash card, laundry payment systems can be turned into loyalty programs. Coin-operated laundromats are still very common, but cashless laundry systems are starting to gain more traction. Cashless laundry systems have many advantages, both for customers and for operators. Keep reading to find out why more and more operators are taking their laundromats cashless. CONVENIENCE: Coin-operated laundry machines require customers to come prepared. These machines don’t usually accept any coin, but accept specific kinds, which means … Continue reading The Rise of Cashless Laundry Systems and Their Advantages

Wash-Mate, an Online Laundry Payment and Monitoring System is an online laundry payment and monitoring system. It is a state-of-the-art functional tool that increases the satisfaction of self-service laundry customers, while ensuring 100% revenue transparency for its manager. is a cashless payment system that uses Online banking, Paypal and Payment Card transactions. The system is equipped with Wash Pal Cloud monitoring functionality, providing additional capabilities to its users and managers. is currently cooperating with most Latvian universities, exempting them from the support of a laundry service availability solution for those living in student accommodations. By installing professional laundry equipment, we provide a much more efficient and effective … Continue reading Wash-Mate, an Online Laundry Payment and Monitoring System

Grow With The CleanCloud App

Searching for more ways to grow your laundry and dry-cleaning business? If so, why not use the CleanCloud App? It’s an all-in-one POS app that’s also compatible with Mac and Android.  With this software you can eliminate your outdated point of sale software because the CleanCloud App offers all the features that you’ve been wanting right from a web-based platform.  Multi-Function Software  With the CleanCloud App you can finally run your laundry business more efficiently because it offers everything that you need right from one software platform including:  Besides offering all the tools that you’ve been searching for, CleanCloud also … Continue reading Grow With The CleanCloud App