The Rise of Cashless Laundry Systems and Their Advantages

Nayax Cashless Laundry Systems are becoming more common because they are more convenient for customers and are also easier to manage. With a reloadable cash card, laundry payment systems can be turned into loyalty programs.

Coin-operated laundromats are still very common, but cashless laundry systems are starting to gain more traction. Cashless laundry systems have many advantages, both for customers and for operators. Keep reading to find out why more and more operators are taking their laundromats cashless.

CONVENIENCE: Coin-operated laundry machines require customers to come prepared. These machines don’t usually accept any coin, but accept specific kinds, which means that customers have to make sure they have enough of a specific coin, let’s say quarters, on hand. With a cashless laundry system, this problem goes away. Customers can pay with their credit cards, making payment as easy as tap and go. And as a business owner, you don’t have to collect coins and take them to the bank regularly, you simply receive the payment in your account.

INCREASE REVENUE: Laundromat owners can potentially generate 49% more revenue with cashless card readers. Accepting various payment methods takes away the barrier for many customers and allows for more spontaneous and off-hour visits to your laundromat.

CUSTOMER SATIFACTION: Accepting cashless payments at your laundromat removes significant hassle for customers, as they don’t have to make sure they have coins every time they want to do laundry. Making payments as simple as tap and go and creating loyalty programs via prepaid laundry cards helps businesses around the world create a more friendly environment for their customers.

LOYALTY PROGRAMS: If you run an on-premise laundromat, such as at a residence or hotel, you will definitely want to consider loyalty programs. Giving customers incentive to use your laundry machines enables you to generate more revenue and increases their satisfaction.

For example, you can implement a punch card campaign that offers customers a free dry with five washes, or offer happy hour promotions during off-peak hours, personalizing your customers’ experience. You can either create physical laundry cards or create branded digital cards via Nayax’s Monyx Wallet payment app, offering top-up bonuses for customers who top up their cards as well.

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