Wash-Mate, an Online Laundry Payment and Monitoring System

Wash-Mate.com is an online laundry payment and monitoring system. It is a state-of-the-art functional tool that increases the satisfaction of self-service laundry customers, while ensuring 100% revenue transparency for its manager.

Wash-mate.com is a cashless payment system that uses Online banking, Paypal and Payment Card transactions.

The system is equipped with Wash Pal Cloud monitoring functionality, providing additional capabilities to its users and managers.

Wash-Mate.com is currently cooperating with most Latvian universities, exempting them from the support of a laundry service availability solution for those living in student accommodations. By installing professional laundry equipment, we provide a much more efficient and effective laundry solution, compared to any home appliance.

This system has also started to be appreciated by real estate developers who have already implemented or are planning to implement it in their service hotels and flat rental houses.

Contact information info@wash-mate.com, +371 22 40 33 70, website https://www.wash-mate.com/en/online-monitoring-system/