The PowerMate® Safety Moving System

L P International Inc. is a private Canadian company founded to manufacture and distribute a line of unique motorized electric stairclimbing hand trucks. Shipping USA and worldwide.

The PowerMate® Safety Moving System is without question one of the most innovative products available today for the safe movement of heavy and awkward loads.


  • Motor provides 100% of the lifting.
  • Maintenance free 12 Volt rechargeable battery.
  • Full range of models up to 1500 lbs. capacity.
  • Some models include automatic load elevation.
  • Automatic braking system.
  • Variable position strapbars.
  • Five machines in one:


  • Reduces physical effort used to move heavy loads.
  • Reduces the chance of personal injury.
  • Lowers labor costs.
  • Increases job efficiency and productivity.
  • Factory authorized operator training.
  • Improves degree of customer service.
  • Variable weight distribution to ensure well balanced controlled load.
  • Loads are moved in a fraction of the time.
  • Equipment pays for itself and increases profits.

PowerMate® takes the strain out of moving!

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