Coin-O-Matic, The Midwest’s Laundromat Equipment Distributor 

Searching for new commercial laundry equipment for your Midwest laundromat? If so, you will want to check out Coin-O-Matic, they are the Midwest’s top provider of vended washers and dryers.  Coin-O-Matic has been the ‘go to’ supplier of vended washers and dryers since the late 1950’s and this also makes them the oldest equipment supplier in the United States.  From coin operated washers to the latest tumble dryers, and everything else that operators use in their laundromats daily, Coin-O-Matic has the supplies that Midwest laundromats need regardless of if the laundromat is in a big city like Detroit, or a … Continue reading Coin-O-Matic, The Midwest’s Laundromat Equipment Distributor