Things to Look for in a Laundry Equipment Distributor

A laundry equipment distributor should have several qualities that make them a reliable and professional company. Whether you need a distributor that customizes their services for you or want a partner that genuinely cares about your profitability, laundry equipment should be durable and well-maintained. Here are things you should look for in your local laundry equipment distributor. 

1. Customized Services

Your laundry distributor should be proactive about finding the best equipment and services for your company. They’ll be eager to customize their solutions to fit your specific needs, whether that means installing coin-operated machinery or washing machines that use reliable technology or card readers. The distributor’s input should add value to your company rather than take away customer trust in your business. 

2. Company Reputation

The laundry distributor’s reputation should be one of the main factors you consider before investing in their services. Find out how long the company has been in the distribution sphere and look at its reputation in the laundry market. 

Some websites like Glassdoor may also tell you what current or previous employees think of the company. Other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram let you find reviews, comments and ratings that can give you insight into the business. Client testimonials are also one of the best ways to see if you can trust the distributor. 

You’ll also want to check if the company has a warranty on its equipment or products. A distributor with an established reputation will also be very familiar with their equipment and how to service the machines whenever the customer needs.

Check to see if the distributor will help you during the entire process or whether they only guarantee assistance during installation. Reputable companies will be able to assist you long after installation and should be happy to service your machinery and keep up with support and updates.

3. Maintenance Services

A laundry distributor should be able to provide maintenance or service to the machines even after they’ve been installed. You’ll also want to ensure the company can provide spare parts or include laundry accessories along with the washing machines you buy. Your business can build a better reputation when you invest in machinery that won’t be too challenging to repair. When the distributor employs experienced technicians who can quickly fix your machines, you’ll know they are a trustworthy business. 

4. Local Customer Support

Try to find a distributor that partners with many businesses in your local area. If nearby companies use the distributor and find them satisfactory, that’s a good sign that you should use them too. 

The customer service team should also be able to respond quickly to your inquiries and build a lasting relationship with your company, making it easy to reach out whenever you have a question. 

5. Machines From Reliable Brands

Many reputable distributors will offer machines from well-known brands. Popular laundry equipment often works more reliably than other machines and helps build a profit for your company. Some companies also choose to distribute their own brand of washing and drying machines. Look to see if this brand is popular in the local area and beyond to ensure you invest in reliable technology.

6. Profitability Support 

The laundry equipment distributor should also be invested in your company’s bottom line. They’ll want to do their best to help cut operating costs, increase efficiency and raise customer satisfaction. Many distributors will use advanced technology or energy-efficient machinery to support your company’s profits long-term.

7. Size and Capacity Options

Before investing in new machinery, measure the space in which you will place the equipment. Even if the company is reliable, you’ll want the right size that fits your needs. For example, hospitals and prisons could handle larger equipment, while gyms or hair salons could only accommodate smaller machines. Check to see what the distributor offers and if they have the sizes you need. A reliable distributor may even recommend equipment sizes based on your operations.

8. Laundry Technology

Ask if the distributor offers laundry equipment with different technology applications. Does the equipment come with programmable features and controls? Some washers or dryers accept credit or ID cards, often used at laundry facilities or colleges. Other machines can be controlled with an app, allowing managers to keep track of maintenance, laundry cycles and overall revenue for the month or year.

9. Eco-Friendly Laundry Equipment

Pay attention to how eco-friendly the equipment is. You may want machinery cutting back on water and energy usage while lowering your monthly costs. Aspects like temperature control, spin cycles or water levels could all affect how much energy your facility uses.

10. Price

Consider how much you’re willing to spend on new machines. If you have a set budget, the cost of machinery at the distributor should fall within that limit. You also want to ensure the equipment provides a long-term return on investment. With the combination of company reputation and reliable brands, you should be able to make a good decision within your price range.

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