Grow With The CleanCloud App

Searching for more ways to grow your laundry and dry-cleaning business? If so, why not use the CleanCloud App? It’s an all-in-one POS app that’s also compatible with Mac and Android. 

With this software you can eliminate your outdated point of sale software because the CleanCloud App offers all the features that you’ve been wanting right from a web-based platform. 

Multi-Function Software 

With the CleanCloud App you can finally run your laundry business more efficiently because it offers everything that you need right from one software platform including: 

  • Order Tracking and management 
  • Customer experience data  
  • Staff management tools 
  • Marketing options  

Besides offering all the tools that you’ve been searching for, CleanCloud also offers excellent data/metrics and first-rate customer service so that you can speak to live support anytime you have questions that need answering. 

Use For Scheduling Pickups and Deliveries 

Not satisfied with the current software that you’re using for pick-ups and deliveries? No problem! The CleanCloud app also has an integrated web booking tool that you can use for scheduling and automatic routing. 

Businesses that have used the CleanCloud app have seen an average increase in their revenue of 30%, increased staff productivity, and most importantly, an overall boost in customer satisfaction as well. 

CleanCloud is a laundry app that’s trusted globally by the best dry cleaners and laundromats in the world because of one simple reason, laundry business owners recognize the best software solutions to help their businesses to grow, and CleanCloud checks off everything on their software wishlist. 

As of 2023, the have more than 8 million users worldwide and installs in over 5000 locations. To learn more about the CleanCloud app, visit their website today at