Make It Easier for Customers to Pay With LaundryPay App

In 2023 more consumers than ever before want to pay for their purchases with their smart phones. 

Sadly, some laundromats only accept cash or coins and that means that the laundromat is literally leaving money on the table, as customers who would pay from their phones will walk away. 

Thankfully, LaundryPay makes accepting digital payments easy! To get started, all a consumer must do is download the mobile app from their phone’s app store, load funds, and pay from the app’s mobile wallet. 

LaundryPay Makes Budgeting Easy 

Consumers who are trying to budget for their weekly trip to the laundromat will be able to control their costs because they can only use the funds that they’ve loaded to their LaundryPay app. 

This means they won’t overspend on their laundry, or walk away without having to get a load of laundry done because they didn’t have enough money. 

With LaundryPay, a consumer will always know what they have in their account, and they can load funds to their app using their preferred debit, credit card or EBT card anytime. 

Easy To Install for Laundromats 

Besides being easy for consumers to use, the LaundryPay is also easy to install on most commercial washers and dryers. 

Once installed, laundromat operators should immediately begin promoting LaundryPay to their customers, then once they’ve downloaded the app, laundromat owners can stay in regular contact with their customers to promote special laundry discounts, offers and more. 

LaundryPay also makes it possible for customers to track the status of their loads and they will get an instant notification when their laundry cycles are complete. 

Learn More About LaundryPay 

To learn more about LaundryPay, visit their website at