Software providers for Self Service Laundromat businesses. Please contact these companies directly for more information about their software. #laundromatsoftware #laundryservicesoftware

Cents Software

Cents, the leading venture-backed technology company revolutionizing the way laundromats and dry cleaners run their business, has acquired Starchup, a leading pickup and delivery, dry cleaning, and POS software. Visit,, (415) 888-9066.

Curbside Laundries Software

Curbside Laundries is an industry-leading, purpose-built POS software company that revolutionizes how laundromats operate. As pioneers in the wash and fold, and, pick up and delivery space for over 20 years, Curbside’s platform is developed and tested in real-world application in their own laundromat. Join Curbside Laundries and see how to grow your entire business through best-in-class software, consultation, and first-hand experience. For more information visit or Email, or Call (562) 480-8427.

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