Grow Your Wash and Fold Business with Curbside Laundries Software 

Are you searching for solutions that you can use to grow your wash and fold laundry business? If so, Curbside Laundries can help. 

Their POS software was designed by laundry business owners, for laundry business owners. It contains everything you need to simplify your wash and fold operations while you build a business that generates a great return on investment. 

Designed With Your Wash and Fold Business in Mind 

Unlike some software platforms that must fit certain business models, the Curbside Laundries Software platform was designed with laundry businesses in mind. 

This easy-to-use software platform is a complete point of sale solution that’s packed with tons of custom features that your business needs including: 

Laundry POS – This powerful touch screen system also includes a credit card reader, thermal printer, and cash drawer so that you can complete laundry transactions onsite. 

Inventory Management – Stay on top of every aspect of your business including tracking inventory levels so that you know when it’s time to reorder the supplies that your business needs daily. 

Detailed Reporting – As your wash and fold business grows, you will always have access to detailed reporting including a complete breakdown of each sale, cash events, refunds, and taxes collected so that you’re always on top of how your business is doing. 

Helps You to Build a Streamlined Business 

For your business to grow in the 2020’s, you need the most up to date software tools available. 

Thanks to this software, you can build an efficient laundry business and eliminate common order mix-ups, or other issues that may have limited the growth of your business in the past. 

Curbside Laundries software will also grow with your business and there’s no additional charge to add attendants, drivers, or other access points to their system. 

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