How Moisture Control Will Attract More Laundry Customers

Laundromats continue to be an essential business that more people are relying on each year, especially since there are more people renting vs. buying than ever before and those renters need to get their laundry done somewhere.  

Even though laundromats remain an essential business, the reality is that older laundry equipment often makes it difficult for people to get their laundry dried fast. 

Thanks to the Domus Dryer, with Intelligent Moisture Control, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your dryers will dry your customers laundry at the correct humidity level, and drum temperature. 

Serve More Customers 

This commercial dryer makes getting laundry done easy, especially with the TOUCH II controls, and most importantly, once the residual moisture level has been reached, the Domus drying cycle will stop, or it will keep tumbling until the dryer’s set time has completed. 

When you add Domus Dryers at your laundromat, you can have confidence in knowing that your dryers will work great for your customers, the first time, instead of requiring multiple cycles just to get one load of laundry dry.  

Energy Efficient 

Besides being great for your customers, these dryers are also environmentally responsible and use less gas than other laundromat dryers may be using in the area. 

In today’s world, that’s a win-win, especially with Gen Z and Millennials, who are concerned about energy efficiency, waste reduction and climate change. 

To learn more about Domus Dryers, visit their website at or call (305) 477-1680.