Introducing PayStation 

Searching for an easy and convenient way for your customers to pay? If so, why not consider PayStation, an easy-to-use Kiosk, made by PayRange that makes it possible for consumers to pay from the kiosk if there are laundry machines nearby that have been enabled with PayRange BluKey. 

PayStation Laundry

PayStation makes it easy for your customers to pay! All it requires is an internet connection to function so that your laundry customer can easily pay for their load of laundry with their credit, debit cards, or favorite payment platform of choice. 

Easy To Install 

Like all PayRange devices, PayStation is easy to use, and the 9.5″ W x 17.5″ H x 4″ D, the kiosk comes with installation instructions and a 10” x 13” instructional sign so that it can installed and put into use quickly by your laundry customers. 

PayStation also comes in a 14.5” x34” size as well since this model has a large touchscreen that’s easy to use and complete payment transactions. 

Both versions of the PayStation securely mount to the wall with security screws, and once it’s plugged in, you can bring your laundry business into the 2020’s by harnessing the power of convenient credit or debit card payments. 

About PayRange BluKey 

If your machines don’t currently have BluKey installed, the good news is that you can easily install BluKey on one of your laundry machines in minutes so that your customers can make mobile payments from their phone, or they can use PayStation to make their payments. 

Converting your laundromat into a 21st century establishment that accepts mobile payments is easy with PayRange and you can also order signage from the company as well so that your customer know that they can either pay via PayStation, or directly from their phones. 

To learn more about PayStation, by PayRange, visit their website at