Superior Laundry PA successfully replaced the old washing machines with brand new Domus rigid mount washers at Suds 724 Laundromat in South Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The Superior Difference At Domus Laundry USA, we only trust our distribution to knowledgeable laundry experts. For New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we rely on Superior Laundry Equipment. With over 20 years of experience, Superior is widely recognized for prompt and reliable solutions for laundromats, hotels, spas, nursing homes, etc. Contact Superior at About Donus Laundry US We manufacture products specially designed to meet professional laundry needs. We offer a wide range of machinery and equipment for … Continue reading NEW DOMUS WASHERS AT SUDS 724 LAUNDROMAT, SOUTH POTTSTOWN, PA

Laundry Owners Warehouse Offers More

Growing a laundry business can be exciting but it can also be a little scary at first when you can’t find the parts that your washers and dryers may need.  Thankfully, Laundry Owners Warehouse offers the washer and dryer parts that you need including day-to-day items like laundry carts, vending soap, and supplies, all in stock and ready for shipping.  With more than 74,000 replacement parts available from their store, Laundry Owners Warehouse has become a trusted “One Stop Shop’ by laundry business owners over the years because, they know that the parts of solutions that they are looking for … Continue reading Laundry Owners Warehouse Offers More

Get Big Savings and ROI With LG Commercial Laundry Equipment 

Are you planning on upgrading your existing laundry equipment, or investing in laundry equipment for the first time for a new laundry business? If so, LG Commercial Laundry Equipment offers you the commercial laundry equipment that you need.  LG has a long history of producing washers and dryers that are used in homes all over the world and they also specialize in producing high quality laundry equipment that will offer your customers the quality that they deserve, while not increasing your operating costs.  The Best of Both Worlds for Laundry Businesses  Let’s face it, running a laundry business in the … Continue reading Get Big Savings and ROI With LG Commercial Laundry Equipment 

Check Out Girbau Genius Series

Built for smart & conscious laundries, the ultimate expression of washing efficiency. Girbau Genius Series – Enjoy washers with the highest spin speed on the market (450G constant) and the greatest savings in drying time and energy. Plus, an accelerometer monitors and corrects wash cycle vibrations to achieve an efficient, safe wash every time. No wonder Genius Series washers are backed by an unrivaled factory warranty. The integrated weighing system will dramatically improve your laundry efficiency and wash quality, and simultaneously, you’ll enjoy easy maintenance accessibility and Girbau’s characteristic machine durability. Genius Series washers also offer remote connection and monitoring, … Continue reading Check Out Girbau Genius Series

Dexter, Employee Owned, Made In the USA, Since 1894 

Owning a laundry business is an ideal way to generate passive income while building wealth but your ability to build a successful laundry business and accomplish your goals all depends on the quality of laundry equipment that you invest in.  Iowa based Dexter, an employee-owned company, has been making quality laundry equipment since 1984, so you can have peace of mind in knowing that your laundry operation is using state-of-the-art technology that’s built to last.  Manage Your Laundry Business Virtually with DexterLive  Yes, Dexter is well-known for making quality laundry equipment but what’s even more important is having software that … Continue reading Dexter, Employee Owned, Made In the USA, Since 1894 

Reap Tax Benefits By Upgrading Now

Upgrading your laundromat isn’t just a good business decision. It’s also a timely one, due to current tax benefits.  Bonus depreciation, an accounting method that encourage businesses to invest in new equipment, gives businesses a tax break on the purchase price of that equipment, allowing owners to immediately write off a percentage of the cost, rather than writing them off over their “useful life.”  Though the rules can change yearly, bonus depreciation is currently available for both new and used equipment, Investopedia reports. However, the amount you can write off depends on the type of asset.   Tax Cuts and Jobs ActEnacted in … Continue reading Reap Tax Benefits By Upgrading Now