Paystri Offers Credit Card Processing for The Laundry Industry 

One of the keys to success with owning a laundromat or drycleaners in the 21st century is making it as easy as possible for customers to pay. 

With Pastri, you can have confidence that your customers will be able to easily pay for their laundry with their credit or debit card without you having to pay excessive credit card processing fees. 

Getting started with Paystri is easy, if you’re currently accepting credit cards, they will first analyze your current credit card statements then offer you custom pricing, along with a comprehensive plan that will help you accomplish the goals that you have for your laundromat. 

Accepting Credit Cards Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive  

If the cost of accepting credit cards has been stopping you from offering your customers multiple ways to pay, the good news is that Paystri makes accepting credit cards cost effective. 

When you start with their small ticket program, you will radically reduce the wholesale cost of accepting credit cards and you’re also going to save money on the interchange as well, since merchants who choose Paystri see their interchange costs drop by an average of 16 cents per transaction. 

Once you convert your laundromat to cashless payments, you will see immediate ROI because choosing card based unattended payments means that your employees are going to spend less time managing cash management tasks and more time keeping the machines running efficiently. 

Flexible Pricing for Your Business 

The Paystri team knows that not all laundromats or dry cleaners are the same, therefore they also offer flexible pricing that meets your laundromats specific requirements. 

You can also count on Paystri to go the extra mile to review your recent processing records first which will help them understand your current pricing strategy and ultimately develop a cost savings strategy for your business.  

For more information, please visit, email or call 978-744-9090.