Get Big Savings and ROI With LG Commercial Laundry Equipment 

Are you planning on upgrading your existing laundry equipment, or investing in laundry equipment for the first time for a new laundry business? If so, LG Commercial Laundry Equipment offers you the commercial laundry equipment that you need. 

LG commercial washers are designed with cost-efficiency in mind.

LG has a long history of producing washers and dryers that are used in homes all over the world and they also specialize in producing high quality laundry equipment that will offer your customers the quality that they deserve, while not increasing your operating costs. 

The Best of Both Worlds for Laundry Businesses 

Let’s face it, running a laundry business in the 2020’s can be tough, especially when you include inflation and recession. 

You can’t invest in poor quality equipment because you will only lose money in the long run, and you can’t ignore your operating expenses either, or you won’t be in business for very long.  

Thankfully, when you purchase laundry equipment from LG, you get the ‘best of both worlds’ because LG doesn’t skimp on quality, and their machines won’t increase your operating expenses either. 

Designed With Efficiency in Mind 

Besides being designed to conserve water and electricity, today’s LG laundry equipment has also been designed with efficiency in mind so that they wash and dry more, while running quietly in the background.  

This means that your laundry customers won’t mind waiting for their laundry to finish because they can enjoy a quiet moment to themselves without having to hear the traditional noise that comes with a commercial washer or dryer doing the laundry. 

Running a laundry business currently doesn’t have to be stressful and when you invest in LG Laundry machines, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you’re investing in the best equipment that reduces energy and water consumption while getting the laundry done efficiently.  

LG commercial washing machines are able to reduce energy and water consumption while increasing efficiency. In fact, according to Energy Star standards, LG Commercial Laundry machines save more energy and water than other products in their category. LG machines are also the first commercial washer brand to be certified and given the orange tag by Meralco.

For time-saving, both the LG Giant C Max and LG Titan C Max have the Atomizing & Twin Spray feature. Twin Spray rinses your clothes non-stop while spinning, resulting in a speedier wash and higher customer rotation rate. Atomizing Spray also sprays water on the door, so you don’t have to clean excess suds off the door glass. It also has a Gyro Balancing System that offers low noise and less vibration when in use.

The noise and vibration emitted by LG commercial laundry machines are low enough for people to focus on other tasks while they wait, creating a pleasant environment that can meet the needs of various customers.

To learn more about LG commercial washers and dryers, visit their website at, Call (800) 243-0000.