Laundry Owners Warehouse Offers More

Growing a laundry business can be exciting but it can also be a little scary at first when you can’t find the parts that your washers and dryers may need. 

Thankfully, Laundry Owners Warehouse offers the washer and dryer parts that you need including day-to-day items like laundry carts, vending soap, and supplies, all in stock and ready for shipping. 

With more than 74,000 replacement parts available from their store, Laundry Owners Warehouse has become a trusted “One Stop Shop’ by laundry business owners over the years because, they know that the parts of solutions that they are looking for can be found on the Laundry Owners Warehouse website. 

Serving The Laundry Industry Since 1894 

Another ideal reason to choose the Laundry Owners Warehouse is they’ve been serving laundry businesses since 1894. 

This means they have more than 120 years’ experience (Part of the Dexter Laundry Family) and can be trusted by new and inexperienced laundry business owners when they need the parts or solutions to grow their businesses.  

Based in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, this company is also an ideal source for finding new/used washers and dryers including Dexter, Speed Queen and Wascomat. 

That’s right, you can find the parts that you need from their website including coin drops, water valves, blower fans, ram dryer ignitions, drive motors and ignition controls. 

Equipment, Parts, Service and Supplies 

Unlike some companies that only offer just parts, Laundry Owners Warehouse offers everything that you need under one roof, including an extensive library of machine user manuals which can be downloaded as PDF’s. 

If your machines need servicing, and your laundromat is in the greater Ft. Lauderdale area, you can also rely on Laundry Owners Warehouse for servicing your machines since they also have master technicians on staff that serve a variety of markets from laundromats to hotels, motels, nursing homes and more. 

To learn more about Laundry Owners Warehouse, visit their website at or call (954) 537-1643. 

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