How Trading Out Older Laundry Machines Can Generate Huge Utility Cost Savings 

Let’s face it, the biggest expense that a laundromat must pay monthly is their utility bills but, the good news is that laundromats can begin to enjoy huge utility cost savings by trading out older washers and dryers for energy efficient models. 

If you’ve been hanging onto older model washer and dryers in your laundromat, the reality is that once those machines pass the 10-year mark, they are ready to be retired because, once a machine is 10 years old it begins to break down and consume more water/energy than newer models. 

Once you start replacing older laundry machines, you can expect to see a significant drop in your electricity, natural gas, and total water usage because today’s laundry machines are optimized for using less water/power and they are more energy efficient than their predecessors. 

Don’t Just Replace, Choose Updated Technology 

During the process of updating the washers and dryers in your laundromat you should be looking for laundry machines that offer updated technology that will make your customers lives a lot easier. 

For example, today’s modern dryers offer technology to remove water/moisture from clothing while significantly lowering the percentage of pounds of water evaporated during the drying cycle. 

Besides investing in updated technology, you should also invest in large capacity front loaders too because high extraction washers save consumers a ton of time and make it possible for you to lower your laundromat power costs a well.  

Make Your Laundromat Stand Out from the competition. 

Besides saving you money each month off your water and energy bill, updating your laundry machinery will also help your laundromat stand out from the competition in your area. 

More consumers than ever before are concerned about going green and when they see that your laundromat is using energy efficient laundry machines, they will choose your location for their needs while also telling their friends as well.  

Ultimately, your decision to upgrade your laundry machines is up to you but it’s a clear winner especially when you consider how a well-informed machine replacement can help lower your monthly energy costs. 

By Jeremy Raglin, Content Writer

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