Opening A New Laundromat?

Laundromats are more in demand in the 2020s than ever before, and they remain an ideal source of passive income because laundromats offer a service that everyone needs. 


If you’ve never opened a laundromat location before, this article will offer tips on how to get started effectively. 

How To Choose the Right Location 

The location of your laundromat is by far the most important thing to take into consideration because you could easily waste thousands of dollars investing in a location that will never be in demand. 

An ideal location for a laundromat will have the following: 

  • Lots of traffic 
  • Off-street with a low-speed limit
  • Glass front (so drivers can see the washers and dryers) 
  • Good parking  
  • Near local ‘anchor points’ like restaurants, grocery stores, and shops 

What To Look for In Laundry Equipment 

One important thing to keep in mind when starting your laundromat is choosing the right equipment because quality equipment will require less maintenance and last longer. 

Even though you can do everything yourself, Speed Queen makes getting started in the laundry business easy because they offer a turnkey solution that will help you get started in the laundry business without having to do everything yourself.  

From choosing the right location to installing equipment and marketing your business, Speed Queen offers you everything you need to get started in the laundry business and have an edge over your competitors. 

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