WashOzone, Green Technology for Today’s Laundry Industry

WashOzone consists of a team that has been in the laundry business since 1939. With installations of WashOzone throughout the world you can be assured that our products are second to none. WashOzone ™ has become a worldwide leader in hospitality laundries and disinfection for healthcare laundries. WashOzone™ is accepted as a part of the Worldwide Green Initiative due to its impact on the reduction of energy and water.

Energy reduction is achieved because ozone is most effective in cold water. The degree of rise (60º to 140ºF) consumes a high amount of BTUs which is not necessary in the light soil application of washing sheets and towels. Since chemicals are used efficiently, less rinsing means using less water.

Additional Green items are noted such as a cleaner effluent, the killing of 99% of all bacteria, the reduction or elimination of noxious odors, and more.

WashOzone™ is an ozone (O3) generation system consisting of a mini-compressor, an oxygen concentrator, and a corona discharge ozone generator. This system is noted for its compact design utilizing minimal space on a wall behind or near the washer. It is a plug and play type machine that plugs into a wall socket for power.

WashOzone™’s connection to the washer is simplistic and consists of a control wire and ozone tube. WashOzone™ operates on the principal of direct injection to the washer which means that the ozone gas is injected through a unique device (diffuser) that allows many small ozone bubbles to impregnate the water for the purpose of oxidation and disinfection. WashOzone™ utilizes a level control switch to only operate when water is in the washer.

WashOzone™ operates on a continuous basis during selected cycles to insure the contact time is maintained. This method differs from others who provide a venturi on the incoming water or put ozonated water in a tank that feeds the washer. The reasoning is that ozone has a very short life and will dissipate during the wash cycle.

WashOzone™ also has available an OSHA approved safety monitor for the health and safety of the personnel.

  • Small size — ease of installation in tight wall spaces
  • Single or Multiple generators — WashOzone™ has the ability to equip multiple washing machines with one ozone generator
  • Low power requirement — WashOzone™ uses less power for low utility cost
  • Low heat output — running cooler also equates to longer equipment life
  • Adjustable ozone production — WashOzone™ has an adjustable output that can be used for many sizes of washers by allowing the right amount of ozone charged water to be produced for each individual washer and load requirement
  • High system quality — WashOzone™ uses high performance components
  • Return on Investment — the cost of WashOzone™ with installation offers a handsome ROI to the end user; utility rebates are available in many areas that would increase the Investment Rate of Return.

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