Happy Bubbles Tripled Revenue with Cents 

With 60 washers and 32 dryers in their business, Happy Bubbles specializes in wash-dry-fold, pickup, and delivery, like most self-serve laundromats in the United States. 

The problem is that like most laundry businesses, they were still managing their business by hand, writing everything down and that can grow burdensome, especially for an employee run business. 

Thanks to Cents, an integrated POS platform that’s designed for laundry businesses, the company has been able to triple their laundry revenue, streamline employee operations, and improve the customer experience while also boosting pickups and delivery revenue. 

Easy To Learn Platform 

Unlike some POS platforms that are difficult to learn and put into action, Happy Bubble team was able to quickly learn the Cents platform and the ROI was immediate. 

Happy Bubbles owner Jeff Sikorske raved about the benefits of Cents especially since his business commitments keep him away from his storefront location most days of the week. 

A Change That Paid Off 

Thanks to the web-based reporting, he can always stay on top of what’s happening in his business regardless of if he’s in Clearwater, Tampa, or at his other businesses in North Carolina. 

The easy-to-use system also makes staying on top of paying state income tax easy as well because all he needs is one report to calculate taxes compared to having to view receipts and calculate revenue like he did before. 

Can’t Ignore The ROI 

Yes, the ROI achieved by using Cents can’t be ignored but what most important about this intuitive system is that it’s made it easier for Happy Bubbles employees to manage orders, simplify communication with customers and more. 

To learn more about Cents, visit their website at https://www.trycents.com or call (347) 428-2208.