Keep Track Of Your Laundry Carts With CartCop

A Laundry Cart Tracking Mount, A must for all Laundromat owners! #laundrycart #laundrycarttracking #cartcop CARTCOP™ LAUNDRY CART TRACKING MOUNT, 4 PACK. CartCop™ helps laundromat owners track their R&B Wire laundry carts via Apple AirTag™. What’s included? Apple, AirTag and Find My are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. For more information visit R&B Wire Products website. Also see: Suppliers Directory, Laundry Carts. Continue reading Keep Track Of Your Laundry Carts With CartCop

LaundryEye Monitoring, Get Laundry Done More Efficiently

Laundry is an essential task that everyone must get done each week but one common issue that most people have is knowing when their loads finish.  Some people leave for longer than expected, or they come back and must wait until their loads are finished in the washer or dyer.  Thanks to LaundryEye, consumers can now receive a text message notification and know exactly how many minutes are left in their washer or dryer cycles, which machines are in use, and how many minutes are left on those machines.  Instant Laundry Alerts   To get started with LaundryEye, all a consumer … Continue reading LaundryEye Monitoring, Get Laundry Done More Efficiently

Add New Revenue Stream with HappyNest  

Want to add a new revenue stream to your laundry business? If so, why not partner with Happynest?  HappyNest provides the software, marketing, and customer service aspects of the laundry pickup and delivery business. With 130 partners in 34 states, they make it possible for you to focus on your strengths by building your wash and fold laundry business, while HappyNest software streamlines your customers demand for laundry pickup and delivery services in your area.  Boost Your Laundry Business Revenue with HappyNest  Growing your business is awesome but what’s even more ideal is realizing that growth without having to invest … Continue reading Add New Revenue Stream with HappyNest  

Alliance Laundry Systems Distribution relocates Dallas office to Coppell, Texas

The Alliance Laundry Systems Distribution Dallas office will have a new address this month. Dallas operations will be located in Coppell, Texas. Previously, the office was based in Farmers Branch. “I can’t wait to open the doors to our new office to customers,” said Sam Husain, General Manager of the Dallas office. “Our new facility will enable us to better serve customers. The new office, located at 631 Southwestern Blvd., Suite 140, will feature a more convenient pickup area for customers. Alliance Laundry Systems Distribution in Dallas is a full-service distributorship offering UniMac on-premises laundry solutions and Speed Queen laundromat equipment. Service … Continue reading Alliance Laundry Systems Distribution relocates Dallas office to Coppell, Texas

Aloha Laundry Life

Aloha Laundry Life offers a network of professional laundry service providers dedicated to delivering clean, throughout the USA. The company works with local laundromat operators who deliver personal care to your laundry. They’ll greet you with Aloha and make sure each of your items is returned to you, fresh, clean and full of Aloha vibes. How it works Find out more If you are a laundromat and would like to sign up, contact Aloha Laundry Life: Call 888-357-5155, email, visit website. Continue reading Aloha Laundry Life

Rinse Acquires Room Service Laundry NY

Rinse, the nation’s leading service for pickup and delivery of laundry and dry cleaning, announces the acquisition of Room Service Laundry, a boutique on-demand laundry service that operated in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Room Service Laundry is the latest in a series of acquisitions for Rinse, which included FlyCleaners in March of this year and ButlerBox in 2021. Founded in 2013 with the goal of removing friction from clothing care, Rinse offers a simple, consistent, high-quality solution to laundry and dry cleaning in New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. Metro Area, Chicago, and Boston. Rinse … Continue reading Rinse Acquires Room Service Laundry NY

VendRevv 35 Select – The Vending Machine That Your Laundry Center Needs  

Owning a laundromat is an ideal way to generate passive income because you’re offering a service that people need and if you choose the right location, your laundromat will always be in demand.  With the VendRevv 35 Select, you have a vending machine that gives you the ability to conveniently offer your customers the supplies that they need, all from one vending machine.  Although you can make money from your machines, another way to grow your laundromat revenue is by offering your customers additional products that they need like dryer sheets and laundry detergent.  Offer Up to 35 Selections  Are … Continue reading VendRevv 35 Select – The Vending Machine That Your Laundry Center Needs