Keep Track Of Your Laundry Carts With CartCop

A Laundry Cart Tracking Mount, A must for all Laundromat owners! #laundrycart #laundrycarttracking #cartcop


CartCop™ helps laundromat owners track their R&B Wire laundry carts via Apple AirTag™.

  • Anti-tamper design, with tamper-resistant hardware, keeps the CartCop™ secured to your laundry cart
  • Special anti-tamper wrench provided with each order. Keeps you in control of who can remove it
  • No GPS subscription fees! AirTag pings the GPS coordinates of anyone’s nearby Apple device to provide you its current location via the Apple Find My app
  • Compatible with all new and existing 100, 200 and 201 series R&B Wire brand laundry carts (sold separately)
  • AirTag NOT included

What’s included?

  • 4 CartCop™ devices (to equip four carts)
  • 4 sets of anti-tamper hardware
  • 1 special anti-tamper wrench

Apple, AirTag and Find My are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

For more information visit R&B Wire Products website.

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