VendRevv 35 Select – The Vending Machine That Your Laundry Center Needs  

Owning a laundromat is an ideal way to generate passive income because you’re offering a service that people need and if you choose the right location, your laundromat will always be in demand. 

With the VendRevv 35 Select, you have a vending machine that gives you the ability to conveniently offer your customers the supplies that they need, all from one vending machine. 

Although you can make money from your machines, another way to grow your laundromat revenue is by offering your customers additional products that they need like dryer sheets and laundry detergent. 

Offer Up to 35 Selections 

Are you interested in offering laundry soap, fabric softeners, or other laundry products to your customers but you’re concerned that you won’t have the capacity to offer natural products as well? 

VendRevv 35 offers the space that you need to offer up to 35 selections of products to your laundry customers.  

This means that you can offer traditional laundry soap to some customers, and laundry products made from natural ingredients to others who are concerned about the chemicals that are in their products. 

Configurable Trays 

Besides giving you the ability to offer 35 products, the VendRevv 35 also has configurable trays that give you the convenience of being able to adjust the trays for any product shape. 

Made by Iowa-based Federal Machine, this vending machine will be an asset to any business, especially since it’s integrated with PayRange, a contactless mobile app that lets your customers pay from their phones.  

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