Rinse Acquires Room Service Laundry NY

Rinse, the nation’s leading service for pickup and delivery of laundry and dry cleaning, announces the acquisition of Room Service Laundry, a boutique on-demand laundry service that operated in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Room Service Laundry is the latest in a series of acquisitions for Rinse, which included FlyCleaners in March of this year and ButlerBox in 2021.

Founded in 2013 with the goal of removing friction from clothing care, Rinse offers a simple, consistent, high-quality solution to laundry and dry cleaning in New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. Metro Area, Chicago, and Boston. Rinse will be expanding to additional markets in early 2023. 

“We’re thrilled to expand Rinse’s presence in New York with the acquisition of Room Service Laundry.” says co-founder and CEO Ajay Prakash. “New York is a rapidly growing market for us and we’re excited to streamline laundry and dry cleaning for Room Service’s customers in Brooklyn.”

The acquisition of Room Service Laundry will expand the company’s customer base in New York, further solidifying Rinse as the market leader and the fastest growing clothing care provider in the New York market. Former customers of Room Service Laundry will receive the high quality service that Rinse is known for, and be seamlessly redirected to the Rinse website or mobile app to schedule door-to-door service seven days a week. They will have the option to use additional services beyond Wash & Fold, including Dry Cleaning, Hang Dry, Clothing Repairs, Leather Cleaning, and more. Rinse also offers Rinse Repeat, the leading laundry subscription service priced by the bag instead of the pound.

Rinse is a global leader in the online laundry service space. Throughout Rinse’s consistent growth and expansion, it has been committed to hiring W2 employees (including all Valets) and working with the best local cleaning partners. In addition, it offers its award-winning service to property managers and apartment buildings via the Rinse for Rentals program; it provides local employers the most convenient dry cleaning and laundry benefits available for their employees through its Rinse for Business service; and it has developed a rapidly growing commercial laundry business, partnering with leading restaurants, spas, and more.

Rinse has also taken several actions to protect the environment. Since the company’s launch, Rinse has had zero tolerance in using the solvent and known carcinogen, PERC, for Dry Cleaning services and only uses environmentally friendly detergents to clean clothes. Additionally, Rinse has donated over 10 tons of clothing to date through collecting and donating clothing on behalf of its customers, and helped save over 25 million gallons of water by cleaning laundry using only high efficiency washers.

About Rinse

Founded in 2013, Rinse is building the first and largest national brand in clothing care. The company picks up, cleans, and delivers customers’ laundry and dry cleaning, straight to their doors. Rinse’s unique approach to reducing customer friction while modernizing the laundry and dry cleaning space has been integral not only to the company’s continued success but in the industry’s evolution to meet the demands of today’s customer. Services offered by Rinse include Dry Cleaning, Wash & Fold, Hang Dry, and more. Rinse serves customers in six major regions, including the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland), Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., and New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx). The company was founded by Ajay Prakash, James Joun, and Sam Cheng, and is headquartered in San Francisco.

To experience Rinse for yourself, visit https://www.rinse.com/.