KioSoft’s CleanPay Surpasses 2 Million Users

Mobile payments are the future for all industries, especially laundromats, because customers want to have the convenience and flexibility of paying with their phones, instead of just using cash or coin. 

KioSoft’s CleanPay mobile app has been a leading payment app for the laundry industry for years, and they now have more than 2 million users worldwide who use this app for their laundry payment needs. 

Cashless payments are a huge advantage for any laundry business because they also are a contactless alternative for people who want to avoid spreading viruses. 

To get started with CleanPay, all a user must do is download the app from their play store, and after creating an account, they can get started with mobile payments at their laundromat immediately. 

Works On iPhone And Android 

Besides offering laundry customers the convenience and flexibility of cashless payments, CleanPay also works on iPhone and Android. This means that it’s a viable payment option for anyone, regardless of the type of phone that they have. 

Florida based Kiosoft has been leading the unattended payment industry since 2002, and since the global pandemic, they’ve seen an increase in demand for their application, especially in retail laundromats and laundry rooms. 

CleanPay offers a lot of benefits to laundry users including the option of viewing machine availability at their laundry room, or laundromat and alerts when their laundry cycle has finished and more. 

This app is like having a laundromat employee available to them 24-7, and it makes getting laundry done less of a chore because laundry customers can manage their loads and time spent at the laundromat efficiently. 

Easy For Operators to Use 

Yes, the CleanPay laundry app is great for end users and it’s also ideal for operators as well because their online portal offers cloud-based reporting that shows all the details of their laundromat in real time. 

Laundromat operators can also brand their app so that it offers their customers a personalized experience as well. 

KioSoft has been a technology leader in the Payments Industry since 2002 and the Route & Retail Laundry industry since 2013.

To learn more about Kiosoft visit their website at or call (888) 546-7638. 

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