How The California Drought Has Been Good for The Laundry Business 

If you have friends or family in California, you know the state has been in a mega drought for years that never seemed to end. 

Thankfully, with a huge onslaught of rainstorms in recent months, California’s lakes and reservoirs are now full and with huge snowpack in the local mountains, it’s looking like California finally is going to have a year without drought. 

Over the years that the state has been grappling with drought, the laundry business has quietly thrived behind the scenes because of one simple reason, California residents have been asked to conserve water at home, so they’ve been doing their laundry at laundromats instead. 

Big Water Savings Per Each Consumer 

Like most states, the average Californian uses about 200 gallons of water per day, and when they do their laundry at home that water usage adds up fast. 

When a Californian goes to the laundromat, they can significantly cut their water usage while doing their part to help the environment. 

Will most Californian’s go back to doing laundry at home now that the drought is ‘technically’ over? The answer to this question is no. With the cost of water still high in the Golden State, it’s likely that laundromats will continue to enjoy growth for years to come.  

Laundromats Are Working to Conserve Water Too 

During the drought, it wasn’t just consumers that were affected, laundromats were affected with water saving mandates from the state, and fines, if they didn’t meet those requirements. 

With water and sewer costs making up 15-20% of a laundromat’s monthly expenses, is makes sense for every laundromat to work hard at conserving water and power. 

The good news is that in the 2020’s, there are more energy efficient commercial washers and driers on the market than ever before that are highly efficient and will save laundromats money monthly. 

By Jeremy Raglin, Content Writer