Touchscreens Bring a Stack of Benefits

Are you thinking about investing in new washers and dryers for your business but you’re not sure if you should invest in units that have touch screens. Vs. washers and dryers that don’t have touch screens? 

Choosing the right washer and dryer for your laundromat should come down to more than just cost, you want to choose the right make/model and most importantly, you should choose a washer or dryer that has a touch screen because of these reasons. 

Reason #1 – They Have a Broad Appeal 

Let’s face it, in today’s world, touchscreens are everywhere, and it’s likely that your customers are carrying touch screen phones or tablets with them, so it makes sense to add touch screen washers and dryers because they are easy to use and offer your customers a ‘next level experience’. 

Reason #2 – Touch Screens Are Easy to Use 

Once it comes time for your customers to do their loads of laundry, you can count on them being able to easily get their laundry done because touch screens are easy for most consumers to use and understand. 

This also means that your employees will spend less time helping customers because the consumer will be able to easily get their loads of laundry done, themselves, since a touchscreen makes it possible for consumers to choose the cycle that they need including the wash and rinse. 

Reason #3 – Peace of Mind 

Touch screen appliances also bring peace of mind in the minds of most consumers because they equate the quality of the machine with the features and service that it performs. 

There are a wide variety of commercial touchscreen washers and dryers on the market today. Before choosing new models, make sure you consider the size of the machine, energy efficiency, and if it’s a front loading or top loading unit. 

Thankfully, there are more touchscreen washers and dryers available on the market today so you should be able to easily find the right models that fit your budget.  

Source: Huebsch

By Jeremy Raglin, Content Writer

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