Strategies for Safe Coin Collecting

Let’s face it, even though your laundromat may offer cashless payments, there’s still going to be a fair number of customers who want to pay for their laundry with coin. This is to be expected because for some people there’s comfort in using coins vs. wireless payments. 

Even though coins are still important, one thing every laundromat owner wants to know is how they can safely collect coin from their laundromats even during changing times when crime is on the rise? 

In this article we will offer you several effective strategies for safe coin collecting at your laundromat. 

Tip #1 – Collect at Different Days and Times During the Week 

The first thing to do when collecting coins from your laundromat is to vary your collecting days and times so that you’re never coming in to collect on one specific day or time each week. 

This is important because if a prospective thief doesn’t know when you come in to collect, they won’t be able to plan to be there to rob you because the thief won’t know exactly when you’re going to be at the laundromat. 

  • You should also park close to your laundromat. 
  • Always have an employee or friend to assist you.  
  • Ask for assistance to your vehicle if you plan on collecting at night. 

Tip #2 – Always Use Discretion When Collecting Coins at Your Laundromat 

Besides varying the days and times that you collect coins from your laundromat, you should also focus on using discretion when collecting just so you don’t draw attention to yourself. 

Example: Instead of using a bag with the name of your bank on it, consider placing the coins from your washers and dryers in an old laundry detergent box, toolbox, or something else that makes it look like you’re performing regular maintenance on the machines. 

  • Consider carrying a ‘give away’ bag with $10-$20 in dollar bills that you can give to a thief in place of the real bag with the proceeds from your laundromat. 
  • When walking out to your vehicle always look confident, not fearful, because thieves often target owners because they think the owner can easily be taken advantage of. 

Tip #3 – Know Your Surroundings  

Last of all, but most important while you’re collecting coins from your laundry machines, you should also know what’s always going on around you. 

Observation is critical during the process of coin collection because you don’t want to become easily distracted and realize that your proceeds have been stolen. 

Once you’ve collected from all your machines, you should also vary your route to your bank, and while you are on the way home, just so that you can be certain that nobody is following up. 

By Jeremy Raglin, Content Writer

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