Strategies for Safe Coin Collecting

Let’s face it, even though your laundromat may offer cashless payments, there’s still going to be a fair number of customers who want to pay for their laundry with coin. This is to be expected because for some people there’s comfort in using coins vs. wireless payments.  Even though coins are still important, one thing every laundromat owner wants to know is how they can safely collect coin from their laundromats even during changing times when crime is on the rise?  In this article we will offer you several effective strategies for safe coin collecting at your laundromat.  Tip #1 … Continue reading Strategies for Safe Coin Collecting

Tips For Developing a Versatile Commercial Laundromat Business

Are you planning on opening a commercial laundromat business? If so, now is the best time in recent history to make your investment because there’s more of a demand than ever before for commercial laundromat services.  When it comes to developing a versatile business, there are several factors that lead to long term success including the following:  Choose The Right Location  The first step to opening a profitable commercial laundry business is choosing the right location.  When you are evaluating locations, you should take into careful consideration if the site offers quick access to the highway, overhead doors, proper clearance … Continue reading Tips For Developing a Versatile Commercial Laundromat Business