Should You Charge To Access Your Laundromat Wi-Fi?

Internet use is something that has become a necessity in today’s world because people use the internet for everything, especially at laundromats, where it’s not uncommon for students to do their homework, parents to complete work tasks, or to video chat with family members. 

The big question is should you change your laundromat customers to use your laundromat Wi-Fi? In this article we will answer this question and offer your insight into if you should charge for Wi-Fi or not. 

When charging for Wi-Fi Makes Sense 

Charging for Wi-Fi makes sense, especially if your laundromat gets a lot of foot traffic and people are spending more than one hour at a time while they do their laundry. 

Besides generating a passive stream of income for your business, charging to use the Wi-Fi will also discourage squatters, or people who stay at your laundromat all day just to use the Wi-Fi. 

Although charging people to use your business Wi-Fi is a good idea, the reality is that offering your tenants free Wi-Fi is also beneficial because customers who enjoy free Wi-Fi often spend more money in the business. 

Free Wii Is a Marketing Opportunity 

Yes, free Wi-Fi can offer a variety of benefits to your customers but what’s most important of all is that it can also bring your business a marketing boost because businesses that offer free Wi-Fi often get listed favorably in local directories and mobile apps that customers are using. 

Instead of just offering your customers free Wi-Fi, you can also brand your Wi-Fi connection with your business name and set up your website as a splash page that your customers will see first when they access your Wi-Fi connection. 

Free Wi-Fi can also be used effectively to generate more reviews for your business, prompt more sharing on social media and so much more. 

Ultimately the decision to offer free vs paid Wi-Fi is up to you, but the reality is that offering your customers free Wi-Fi offers a lot of benefits that will attract more attention to your business and help it to grow. 

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