Laundromat Millionaire Team Partners with Digital Marketing Veteran to Launch LaundroBoost

Industry veterans Dave and Carla Menz announce they have expanded their Laundromat Millionaire platform by partnering with digital marketing veteran Brett Lyon to launch LaundroBoost Marketing Services in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

Since its inception in late 2020 the Laundromat Millionaire team has sought to provide solutions for independent Laundromat and Dry Cleaning Operators allowing them to launch, scale and optimize their privately held businesses.  

Industry estimates hover around 26,000 laundromats in the U.S. alone leaving a plethora of pent-up demand for high level marketing solutions geared towards the independent owner/operator. Brett, Carla, and Dave feel they have built a unique team with end-to-end solutions that’ll elevate the marketing services currently offered in the industry and ultimately expand profitability for many owners.  

“The Laundromat Millionaire platform started as a dream and has grown into a movement, and we have no plans to let up anytime soon. The next step in finding solutions for Laundromat/Dry Cleaning owners seemed to be through efficient growth and maximizing profitability. We believe the launch of LaundroBoost is the next logical step in that direction.” says founder Dave “Laundromat Millionaire” Menz.  

The Menz’s Cofounder Brett Lyon believes their offering is a solution rarely seen in most industries.  

“I’ve been in the marketing world for quite some time, and I’ve never seen industry veteran operators and respected coaches like Dave and Carla combine their expertise with a more technical background such as mine. Once you add in our collective hustle and passion for helping others succeed in business, we believe we’ve got something special and I’m honored to be their partner.” Said Brett Lyon 

While the LaundroBoost Team is just now officially launching their offerings to the industry, they’ve been building a team since late 2022 and Brett himself has served nearly 100 operators over the past 3 years including the Menz’s own chain of Full Service Laundromats, Queen City Laundry.

“We’ve been in business for nearly 14 years and have never seen the growth we’ve experienced since we combined forces with Brett. Building diverse expertise within our team and utilizing innovative marketing techniques such as Geofencing and other advanced techniques has really taken us to another level. We’re excited to now show others what we’ve been up to.”  Says Carla Menz.

If you’d like to learn more about LaundroBoost services such as Web Design, SEO, Google Ads, Geofencing, and other types of social media marketing services you can learn more at, or email us at

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