Marketing Services

Laundromat Marketing Services listed below. Please contact these suppliers direct concerning their products and pricing. #laundromatmarketing #laundromatsignage

Cents Accelerate is fully integrated with all Cents products, allowing laundry business owners to create, execute, track, and maintain targeted and customizable marketing campaigns. With the addition of Accelerate, Cents provides a platform for owners and operators to manage every aspect of their business. Visit Cents website. is a full service advertising, marketing and promotions agency focused on the success of independent laundromat businesses. With more than 35 years of experience, we partner with vended laundries across the United States to develop colorful and exciting marketing materials that generate impact. Let us design and print your signs, posters, decals and more. Create a professional branded image inside and outside your coin-op laundromat or launderette to attract more customers and earn higher profits. Visit


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