Is It Time for You to Invest in Smart Laundry Machines?

If you’re thinking about growing your laundromat, you’re probably considering investing in traditional washers and dryers like you have in the past, but the reality is if you’re going to add new washers and dryers, make sure they are smart laundry machines. 

Smart laundry machines are important for one simple reason, everyone has a smart phone with them these days and they want to have the convenience of receiving notifications when their loads of laundry have finished washing or drying. 

Saves Customers Time 

Besides being a tech friendly upgrade to your laundromat, smart laundry machines will also save your customers time because they won’t have to guess when their loads of laundry have finished.  

The average customer will receive a notification to their phone when their laundry cycle has completed, saving them the time and hassle of having to sit in the laundromat, or laundry room at their apartment complex, waiting for their cycle to finish. 

BDS Laundry Offers Smart Laundry Machines 

When it comes to choosing smart laundry machines, BDS Laundry makes this process easy because they partner with laundry equipment manufacturers so that the equipment, they sell is smart and ready to be used in any laundromat. 

Once their laundry machines are connected to the internet at the laundromat, those machines can be easily managed from the cloud. Owners can change pricing, receive repair alerts, review/change pricing and more. 

Compatible On iphone And Android 

Like most apps these days, the BDS laundry app is also compatible on iPhone, and Android as well. 

BDS also offers a ‘laundry eye’ secure web camera for laundromats that customers can use to see what washers and dryers are available at the laundromat. 

With more than 50 percent of adults in the United States using a smart phone or wireless device, it makes sense to invest in a washer or dryer made from BDS Laundry, to learn more about the services they can offer you visit their website at