Commercial Laundromat Equipment Manufacturers are listed below. Please contact these commercial washer and dryer manufacturers direct concerning their equipment and pricing. #commercialwashersdryers #laundromatmanufacturers

Speed Queen Commercial Laundromats

Dexter Equipment

Iowa based Dexter, an employee-owned company, has been making quality laundry equipment since 1984, so you can have peace of mind in knowing that your laundry operation is using state-of-the-art technology that’s built to last. To learn more about Dexter, visit their website at or by calling (800) 524-2954.

Girbau Genius Series

Why Girbau? Are you looking for laundry equipment, or a lifelong business and laundry partner? As your commercial laundry partner, Girbau offers the high standards, professionalism and efficiency solutions your business deserves. Driven by a DNA of innovation and over 60 years of laundry know-how, Girbau delivers the world’s most comprehensive offering of laundry systems and solutions, backed by after-sales support, throughout 100 countries across the globe. Girbau is your partner for everything laundry. Visit, or Email.

Huebsch is built to tackle the toughest loads of laundry, year after year. Our front bearings last 4x longer than others, have a stainless-steel outer tub and ability to handle 36% more out-of-balance weight*. That means you get impressive machines that last longer and break down less. Visit

Speed Queen is changing the way the world does laundry. From cloud-based business management tools to mobile technology, our advanced solutions are revolutionizing the industry. Visit

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