Tips For Creating An Environmentally Friendly Laundromat 

Are you interested in creating an environmentally friendly laundromat? If so, you’re making a smart choice.  In the 2020’s, more consumers than ever before are concerned about saving the environment, and one way that they will do their part to reduce their carbon footprint is by visiting an environmentally friendly laundromat. 

What Does It Take to Create an Environmentally Friendly Laundromat? 

If you open a new laundromat, or your business has been around for decades, you can do your part to create an environmentally friendly laundromat by doing the following: 

Invest In Energy Efficient Appliances – The first step to creating an energy efficient laundromat is investing in new appliances that use less water and energy. 

Energy efficient appliances are easy to come by in the 2020’s because more are on the market than ever before because consumers recognize the need to have these appliances in their homes. 

By utilizing energy efficient appliances, you’re doing your part to show consumers that you’re concerned about lowering the carbon footprint of your laundromat while lowering greenhouse emissions, water usage and saving energy. 

Sell Eco-Friendly Detergent and Fabric Softeners – Another easy way to create an energy efficient laundromat is by choosing to sell laundry detergents that are classified as eco-friendly, or good for the environment in your laundromat.  

By using eco-friendly chemicals in your laundromat, you’re showing your customers that you’re taking a stand on what chemicals are used and you’re also reducing the amount of harmful chemicals that are released into the city water system. 

Use Water Responsibly – Last of all, another step that you can take to do your part to save the environment is using water responsibly. This can happen by finding ways to reduce water in your laundromat, handling leaks, and using grey water as well. 

By Jeremy Raglin, Content Writer

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