2ULaundry Acquires The Folde

2ULaundry, the innovative laundry and dry cleaning service, led by cofounders Alex Smereczniak and Dan Daquisto, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of The Folde, a leading competitor based in Austin, Texas. This strategic move is poised to strengthen 2ULaundry’s market presence and accelerate the company’s mission to establish the first nationally recognized brand in laundry and dry cleaning. The acquisition of The Folde marks a significant milestone for 2ULaundry, as the company continues to revolutionize the way people approach the most dreaded household chore—laundry. This milestone comes off the momentum of the recent $20M Series B strategic investment from Level 5 Capital Partners, fueling the … Continue reading 2ULaundry Acquires The Folde

2ULaundry – Saves Time, Money, and Hassle of Doing Laundry

Thanks to 2ULaundry, getting the laundry done is easier than ever before because they will pick up their customers laundry and dry cleaning then deliver the clean laundry back, washed, dried and folded in one business day.  Saves 3-4 Hours Per Week   In 2023 time is more precious than ever before and the reality is that spending 3-4 hours per week doing laundry is time that most consumers can’t afford to lose.  Even though 3-4 hours per week may not seem like a ton of time to some people, the reality is that equals 144 hours per year and that … Continue reading 2ULaundry – Saves Time, Money, and Hassle of Doing Laundry

CSC Super Laundry, Scale Up Your Commercial Laundry Service Business

Commercial laundry has unique demands and CSC’s Super Laundry business has grown to be the nation’s largest distributor of commercial laundry equipment. Our “end to end” expertise and solutions address the needs of 20,000 customers in Industrial, On-Premise (OPL) and Laundromat environments. Why work with CSC? Besides their proven track record of helping laundry businesses nationwide, CSC ServiceWorks is also the largest distributor of commercial laundry equipment and air vending solutions in the United States, Canada, and Europe.   This means that you can get the equipment that your business needs fast, backed by the expertise of professionals who have helped … Continue reading CSC Super Laundry, Scale Up Your Commercial Laundry Service Business

Add New Revenue Stream with HappyNest  

Want to add a new revenue stream to your laundry business? If so, why not partner with Happynest?  HappyNest provides the software, marketing, and customer service aspects of the laundry pickup and delivery business. With 130 partners in 34 states, they make it possible for you to focus on your strengths by building your wash and fold laundry business, while HappyNest software streamlines your customers demand for laundry pickup and delivery services in your area.  Boost Your Laundry Business Revenue with HappyNest  Growing your business is awesome but what’s even more ideal is realizing that growth without having to invest … Continue reading Add New Revenue Stream with HappyNest  

Aloha Laundry Life

Aloha Laundry Life offers a network of professional laundry service providers dedicated to delivering clean, throughout the USA. The company works with local laundromat operators who deliver personal care to your laundry. They’ll greet you with Aloha and make sure each of your items is returned to you, fresh, clean and full of Aloha vibes. How it works Find out more If you are a laundromat and would like to sign up, contact Aloha Laundry Life: Call 888-357-5155, email info@alohalaundrylife.com, visit website. Continue reading Aloha Laundry Life