New Laundromat Efforts Well Received in Missouri

When a business implements full-scale changes to the customer experience, it’s always a bit dicey how they will be received. We chatted with Nick Luzecky owner of the Wash House Coin Laundry in Springfield, Mo. and president of Laundry Solutions Co. and he’s not only been encouraged by customer reaction, but also how his business is performing during a difficult time. Among the changes he made at his locations (and recommended other owners implement):

  • Asked that patrons wait outside or in their vehicles while their laundry is in the washer and dryer.
  • Once laundry is complete, they asked that customers take loads to their residence to fold.
  • Wash House removed folding tables and chairs so that attendants do not have to police the situations above.
  • Removing the chairs and folding tables also means less surfaces to keep sanitized.
  • Increased sanitization procedures on all touch services, including machine handles and Quantum Touch control screens, laundry carts, doorknobs, bathrooms and counters, etc.

While staff occasionally have to deal with an upset customer, after explaining to them why the changes have been implemented – to protect other customers and employees – they are okay. He added that any push back on the new policies they had out of the gate, has tapered off.

In terms of business traffic, wash-dry-fold has dipped, which would be expected given customers have more time at home to do laundry in their own equipment. Self-service business is “holding its own” Luzecky said, adding that he is confident it will pick up. Those who maybe decided to wait out things at home, will eventually need to wash and dry.

Source: Speed Queen