LG Announces Launch of Their Smart App In The Laundry Lounge

Recognizing that laundromats are in greater demand worldwide, LG recently launched their own smart app in conjunction with their ‘laundry lounge’, a streamlined laundromat that offers consumers clean/modern laundry machines to get their loads of laundry done. 

Located In La Paz, Iloilo City (Philippines), the LG laundry app is another innovation by LG that offers machine reservations, cashless payments, and location services. 

This means that residents of Iloilo City can easily check which machines are available, pay remotely, monitor wash cycles and so much more. 

The Easy Way to Find Laundromats  

With 2.65 million tourists visiting the country in 2022 alone, the LG app has been a game changer for the laundry industry in the Philippines because consumers no longer must search for laundromats, they have a dependable way to find laundromats right from their smart phones. 

What’s best of all if that the LG app also gives tourists the ability to easily find LG laundry shops that are nearby, so that they can easily and conveniently get their laundry done in a safe and clean shop. 

The Right Startup Partner 

Laundry startups in the Philippines are partnering with LG more than ever before because the company has a history of excellence and dependability. 

“Laundry shops are fast becoming one of the most popular startup businesses. If you’re going to invest, it’s crucial that you have a partner you can trust.” – Mr. Arles – CEO – Express Clean Consultancy 

Popular content creator and LG brand ambassador Myrtle Sarrosa, who hails from Iloilo, showed how fast and efficient the LG Laundry Lounge app is. She demonstrated how with the app, it’s easy to find laundry shops nearby, check if machines are available, monitor and time wash cycles, and pay remotely via GCash. The app can be downloaded via Google Play and App Store and services more than 600 Laundry Lounge shops nationwide.

Learn More  

For more information about LG and their laundry lounge app, visit their website at https://www.lg.com/global/business/smart-laundry-lounge