KioSoft Technologies, Payment Integrations for Unattended Laundry Businesses 

Are you ready to convert your washer and dryers so that they accept more than cash or coins? If so, KioSoft Technologies Laundry Soloutions can help! 

Based in Boynton Beah, FL, KioSoft Technologies has been a leader in the payment industry since 2002 and they’ve been helping laundry businesses nationwide accept unattended payments since 2013. 

Offer Your Customers Multiple Ways to Pay 

Every laundry business needs to accept more than cash or coin because most people want to have multiple ways to pay. 

KioSoft Technologies makes converting washers and dryers to unattended payments easy, and they also have the most innovative technology in the industry along with top notch customer service that keeps their customers satisfied for the long term. 

This company offers comprehensive solutions that will make it possible for your laundry business to accept payments easily and you can have complete control over your business via their web-based dashboard. 

Some of the other features that KioSoft’s software can offer you include: 

  • Daily cash and credit reporting 
  • Peripherals warning 
  • Configuration and Monitoring Tools 
  • Kiosk terminal management 
  • Remote dashboard access 

Keep Your Laundromat Customers Coming Back 


One of the best ways to build a successful laundromat is to offer your customers multiple ways to pay either directly at the machine via EMV, mag swipe, mobile wallet, or at a nearby kiosk. 

When you have user friendly payment options, you will be able to keep your customers happy and those happy customers won’t think twice of referring their friends to your laundromat. 

Besides commercial laundromats, KioSoft also works with route laundry businesses as well so you can work with one company that offers all the technology solutions that you need. 

To learn more about KioSoft Technologies visit, Call 888-503-5988, or email