Commitment to Doing Good, Close to Home

Most companies have the goal of building a successful business while also making a difference in the community where their locations are placed.  Did you know that Laundry Capital is the largest retail laundromat company in the United States?

Laundry Capital Co, LLC has managed to successfully build a portfolio of 80 laundry centers along the East Coast while successfully making an impact in the communities where those locations reside. 

National Laundry Day  

Finding the right way to impact communities didn’t happen overnight, like most businesses, Laundry Capital Co started out by trying different approaches to reach the communities where their locations are placed. 

They realized that the goal should be to have a stakeholder who is aligned with your company’s mission. This led the company to start several successful philanthropic efforts including its national Laundry Day. 

Held on April 15th and October 10th of this year, the company donated one free load of laundry to all their customers who used their Laundromax and Clean Rite Center locations. Both events provided thousands of loads of laundry to their customers, across all their locations, and free food plus entertainment was enjoyed on both days as well. 

Giving Back Helps Laundry Businesses 

The success of Laundry Capital’s free laundry days proves that a laundry business can indeed give back and make a difference in the communities where their locations are placed. 

“A free load of laundry can mean a lot to a struggling family.”  – Brian Wallace – Coin Laundry Association 

Despite the challenging economic times that every company must deal with, the good news is that laundromats can learn from the Laundry Capital Co example and see that they always have options for making an impact in their communities. 

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