Clean Laundry Funding Offers Financing for Laundry Companies

Starting a laundry business can be tough because you need capital to get the business started, and capital to invest in new equipment as the laundry business grows. 

Clean Laundry can help you with your business financing needs. They offer a ‘fresh take’ on laundry financing, making it easier than ever for laundry business owners to get the equipment that they need as their business grows. 

More Than Just a Finance Company 

Being a commercial laundry business owner can be tough at times, especially when you deal with poor customer support in the finance industry and slow loan approvals. 

When you apply for a loan with Clean Laundry, you can expect excellent customer support, fast approvals, and peace of mind in knowing that your loan is approved and ready for your business needs. 

Unlike other finance companies that are knowledgeable of the laundry industry, Clean Laundry specializes only in the laundry industry.  

The company has a team of experts with decades of combined experience in the laundry industry, and they can assist you with the right loan for your business regardless of if you need a loan for laundry room renovations, debt consolidation, refinancing or acquisitions. 

Personalized And Flexible Lending Options 

Let’s face it, time is of the essence when you’re a laundry business owner, especially when you’re wanting to acquire a new location, you must be able to move fast. 

Their finance team knows how valuable time is in the laundry industry and they work hard to serve their clients because they know that one funding delay can lose a potential deal for a distributor and stop them from accomplishing their goals. 

To learn more about Clean Laundry, or to apply for a loan with them, visit their website at

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