Money Handling Supplies

Money Handling Supplies wholesale suppliers listed below. Please contact these suppliers direct concerning their products and pricing. #moneyhandlingsupplies #laundromatsupplies

General Bank Supply – We carry a complete line of cash and coin handling products such as: coin wrappers, plastic coin bags, canvas coin bags, plastic deposit bags, locking bank bags, zipper wallets, cash boxes and trays, and many other teller and cashier supplies. Call or Order Online Today!! Visit our website at Phone: 248-528-1660,

Greg’s Super Bags!! Keep your money straight and organized and make it fast to count. ELIMINATE coins accidentally hiding between the dollar bills and then falling into your bill counter during the counting process, since the coins are kept in a separate compartment. have a barcode window for automated processing purposes. Gregg’s Super Bag comes with a 5-year “no questions asked” replacement guarantee! Call or email to order today! Visit Website at, Call 619-808-2049,

Lynde-Ordway is a manufacturer and distributor of coin counters & sorters, currency counters, bill & coin changers, counterfeit detectors, money handling equipment, paper cutters, paper drills, paper folders, bookletmakers, collators, perfect binders & padders, staplers & stitchers, industrial paper shredders, shredding machinery & shredding equipment. Visit Website, Call 800-762-7057,


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